Riptide Racer

Now Open!!! Grab a mat and challenge five of your friends or other racers for a dueling head-first plunge to the finish line. Racers line-up at a 45ft height and ride the swells through a checkered run-out. You could be the winner! Minimum height: 42 in.

Horn Island Blaster

The Gulf Coast’s first and only water roller coaster! The Master Blaster® of the Gulf Coast takes two people through more than 500 feet of twists and turns, at greater than 45° degree drops and gravity-defying uphill blasts. Minimum height: 42 in.

Camille Cutter

Thrilling fun for up to three people! The Camille Cutter is a 400-plus foot rafting adventure. The whole family can slide together in one giant raft on an 84-inch open flume. Minimum height: 42 in.

Deer Island Express

The Deer Island Express is a tunnel slide that takes you 357 feet on a single or double tube. At a 38-foot incline, it is the darkest and fastest splash-down in the park. Minimum height: 42 in.

Cat Island Catapult

The Cat Island Catapult is a tube slide for young and old alike, as this twisting waterway plunges you almost 155 feet. It’s a thrill-rush for all to enjoy. Minimum height: 42 in.

Lil’ Pelican’s Bay

Come play at Pelican’s Bay where small kids will love ten different aqua toy featuring water cannons, giant squirt guns and two open flume body slides totaling over 140 feet long. It’s topped off by a huge bucket of water that fills and tips continually throughout the day. The shallow 200-square foot wading area is the perfect place for small Pelicans and Parents.

Ship Island Wreck

The Ship Island Wreck is great for kids 2 years old and older as they navigate unexpected twists and turns to a splash down.

Lazy Pearl River

Ready to relax? Come chill out on the Lazy Pearl, a continuous river of relaxation for all to enjoy. Just grab a tube, lay back and float past nearly every attraction. Longer than three football fields, the Lazy Pearl can get you all around the park with ease. Children under 10 should be with an adult.

Spray St. Louis

Spray St. Louis provides tot-sized fun for children and parents. You don’t have to get completely soaked. . .maybe just take a cool stroll through the mist. It’s the best way to cool off on a hot day.


Kids crossing area for toddlers-tweens. Test your skills as you try to scale across 27 feet of slippery pads while not falling in!

Waveland Wave Pool

Experience the gentle, rolling waves that wash ashore in the Waveland Wave Pool. With over 12,000 square feet there’s room to swim, ride the waves in an inner tube or sit along the shore and lap it all up. An adult should accompany children under 10.