Group Chaperone Suggestions

Prepare in advance for your day at Gulf Islands Waterpark

  1. Have a total count of the number of people in your group to make a reservations.
  2. Contact Group Sales to make a reservation at least 72 hours in advance.
  3. Plan to have enough Chaperones to safely watch all children in your group. We recommend 1
    Chaperone per 10 kids.
  4. Have special T-shirts or Wristbands so that Kids and Chaperones can easily identify each other.
  5. Please explain to everyone in your group that they must wear proper swimwear to get on the
    slides and enter the water
  6. Develop a list of names to use as a headcount that includes allergies, medication requirements and emergency contacts.
  7. Please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Attractions pages on this website
    for more information.

Prepare to enter the gates at Gulf Islands Waterpark

  1. Designate one person to check in at the Group Sales Window and have one form of payment.
  2. Designate a person to take a headcount using your check-off list for exiting and entering your bus/vans.
  3. No food, drinks or ice chest are allowed through the gates. We reserve the right to check bags.
  4. Explain to your group what is expected of them. Such as using a buddy system, what to do if they get lost, reporting to your Pavilion and where to line-up to leave.
  5. Make sure your group knows where to eat. Explain that you purchased Meal Vouchers, and how to use them at Petit Bois Island Cafe’.
  6. Your group will be expected to follow all safety rules and obey lifeguards.
  7. Make sure your group uses sunscreen and stays hydrated.
  8. If you lose a child or anyone sustains an injury, please ask a member of our staff or management for assistance.
  9. Before leaving with a group of children, have them line-up with their belongings and complete a headcount.

The information above is only suggestions to Group Leaders and Chaperones to have a safe and enjoyable day at Gulf Islands Waterpark. We suggest that you develop your own Safety Plan based on the characteristics of your group and their needs.