Waterpark Mom Blog post

Once we got our season passes from Gulf Islands Waterpark, in Gulfport, Mississippi we let the fun begin. We tried to go at least once a week. We had a great time as we usually do. We were able to bring friends and family, and meet up with friends and family and make some new friends as well! Gulf Islands Waterpark is the PERFECT place for us! It has the BIG slides for my oldest, and I can let them run around and do their thing but still if I stand in the middle of the park long enough, I will spot them or they will spot me! My oldest had her fair share of all of the slides, her favorite being the Riptide Racer! The lazy river was one of our favorites this summer as my 4 year old just learned to swim! Gulf Islands Waterpark is big enough to satisfy anyone that needs a day of fun and relaxation! My two youngest had a blast at Lil’ Pelican’s Bay and on Ship Island Wreck! The one year old can go down the slides at Lil’ Pelican’s Bay all by herself and of course the four year old can do Ship Island Wreck all by herself as well! I love the variety of options for the lil ones!

Gulf Islands Waterpark is a Great place as it is centrally located for so many! We are in South Louisiana and it is only a 40 minute drive! It is so much nicer, cleaner and friendlier than the larger waterparks near us! Gulf Islands waterpark has perks for all including the free parking, come and go all day as you please and free life jacket use! There are also such FUN days with additional park perks, starts, super hero’s and other fun shows! We were able to enjoy their birthday party, we watched the alligator show and a lumberjack show. They also have even more perks fro those that are season pass holders such as discounted drinks, food, and parties, also bring a friend FREE day and discounted options to bring a friend! We can’t wait until next summer!