We Believe

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We Believe

We Believe summers are better in bathing suits.
We Believe there’s nothing more fun than hanging out at a water park with family & friends.
We Believe finding a locker for your phone means you’ll connect better.
We Believe every once in a while you need to escape for the day.

We Believe parking, tubes & life jackets should always be free.
We Believe in giving you a full day of wet, splashy fun for less than it costs to go to the movies.
We Believe our season pass is the best money you’ll ever spend.

We Believe in doing something different every time you visit.
We Believe sometimes you want to race, sometimes you want to slide, and sometimes you just want to float.
We Believe nothing beats a good, quick meal when you’re busy having fun.
We Believe you should never have to leave hungry because food was too expensive.

We Believe you deserve pristine water & a clean, tidy park.
We Believe in safety training & equipment that’s second to none, but hope we never need it.
We Believe in a full staff of lifeguards watching your kids the way you want them to.
We Believe in maintaining a family environment even if it means sometimes saying no.

We Believe in providing first jobs to teens who become part of our park family.
We Believe everyone should have a day at the park, regardless of race or ability.
We Believe in taking every chance we get to support our local community.

We Believe time is best spent creating memories with your family & friends.
We Believe you’ll be happier when you play outside.
We Believe in worn out kids who fall asleep on the way home.
We Believe our job is done if you can’t wait to do it again.